Friday, April 15, 2011

Building Connection - A poem about (im)personal communication

This is my OLSON Creative O-tern project. It's a poem made out of words found in/on my phone!

Words from the phone are indicated graphically by the phone icon and contain a photograph of that word as it appears on my phone. I was inspired to explore what it means to work within such tight restrictions ("using only your phone"). I visualized taking apart my phone to discover its different constituent "pieces" and how I might rearrange them into something new and beautiful. As a woman of letters, my next thought was to apply that same idea to words contained within my phone - the prompt suggested to me the idea of closed forms and strict poetic structures.

So, OLSON, I wrote you a poem. This is me at play with the connotations of connection. I love the juxtaposition of the somewhat stilted and unemotional language of techno-communications alongside the starkly intimate moment it describes.

Cool? Meaty? Beautiful? I think so. Do you?

Full text:

Staring into space
I am blind without my contacts
On the car ride home after
Blackberry picking with dad
Unable to disconnect
I filter the dirt from my fingers
And search for something bold
To say, to reconcile now
The silent day, loud history between us
Today there will be new contact
Word by word, layer by layer,
We are building this call log cabin with our bare hands

Medium: Blackberry Bold 9700